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It’s Not Rocket Science

Adjusting suspension sag is the simplest, most overlooked change that you can make to dramatically improve the handling and safety of your bike. You will be amazed at how easy it is to dial in your bike for yourself! Checking your sag regularly and adjusting it for different riding conditions is key to getting the most out of your bikes suspension. For faster conditions you can run more sag to make the bike more stable at speed and for tighter conditions you can run less sag so the bike steers better. It is super easy to adjust and you will kick yourself for not doing it as a regular part of your bike maintenance sooner.

Fast, Simple, Precise

This patented system allows anyone to quickly and easily setup their bike’s suspension with no assistance. Slacker takes less than 30 seconds to place on the bike and take a precise measurement. With the universal magnetic axle mount and numerous attachment options, Slacker works on pretty much anything with steel axles. The tool was developed over the course of two years with input from industry leading suspension companies like Factory Connection, Pro Circuit and MB1 Suspension to assure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the tool. This newest release features new hardware, new software and a fresh new look produced at a new state of the art production facility!

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Slacker Street Bundle

Includes the new Slacker V2, street kit and 10 additional clear adhesive loops.

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New Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale V2 Slacker Digital Sag Scale- V2

The next generation.

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Slacker Street Kit

Use Slacker on your street bike!

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